10 Fun Learning Activities for Preschoolers

The preschool years are a time when children learn new skills which helps in their overall development. Here’s a collection of fun-filled, hands-on learning activities to keep the little ones busy and make them independent.

Behind the Scene Facts about Preschools

1) Paper Pizza - This paper craft helps preschoolers explore shapes and learn about food. It brushes up on their motor skills as they use scissors to make their own toppings.
2) Pet Rocks - Through this creative activity, children learn how to apply paint while controlling the paintbrush. It also builds their eye-hand coordination.
3) Ice Cube Painting - This is a great summer activity which helps children mix colours to form new ones. They are sure to love the sensory experience.
4) Blocks, Jigsaws and Shape Sorters - These games and puzzles develop critical-thinking and incorporate problem-solving skills in children.
5) Play Dough - This sensory experience helps preschoolers develop social skills by sharing and taking turns. It also encourages creativity, regulates their emotions and enhances imagination.
6) Music, Dancing and Singing - These activities are good for memory skills. They encourage children to express themselves and significantly improve their vocabulary.
7) Cooking and Pretend Cooking - Playing out this real life activity aids visual recognition and gives children the opportunity to work together as a team. They also develop literacy and numeracy skills.
8) Brown Paper Dot Marker Activity - A simple and fun exercise which allows children to practise their counting skills and improve hand-eye coordination.
9) Sand Play - This activity promotes motor skill development. It helps children expand their imagination and fosters their creativity as they dig sand and shape objects.
10) Hopscotch - A game which helps toddlers become flexible and keep their balance. Not only does it develop the mathematical skills of children but also improves their social skills as the game involves taking turns.