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Paving the right
path to education

Though formal education begins at school, true learning begins years before. Right from the time a child develops some basic senses, he/she begins to imbibe knowledge from his/her surroundings. It is these formative years of knowledge that eventually determine the path of education a child will follow.

The strength of a child's knowledge base and the confidence the child possesses to overcome future challenges, plays a vital role when it comes to him/her getting admission in a coveted school of the city. Hence, we, at Little Bright Stars, impart the best of pre-school education in the most innovative and fun-filled manner. Our endeavour is to ensure that a child's little steps do not falter as he/she finds his way to the stars!

A word from the Principal

Dear Parents,

A school is a home away from home and Little Bright Stars purports to do this. Our aim is to provide a conducive environment to hone all academic, social, intellectual and emotional skills, which will aid in the development of personality. Our teachers are committed to excellence and endeavour to help children explore their potential and inherent abilities. The children will indeed become the bright stars shining brightly in every walk of life.

Aakanksha Kaur
Principal and Founder

CO-FounderMr. Simarpreet Singh
Mr. Harjot Singh


We believe that in a competitive world such as the present times, holistic learning is the need of the hour. Hence, we have built a playschool which echoes our vision and mission

  • To provide a child-friendly atmosphere which is safe, secure,
    caring as well as stimulating
  • To encourage children to develop self-esteem and self-confidence
  • To make children feel valued as an individual
  • To make children independent
  • To provide high quality care and education to all children
  • To develop good health habits and build up basic skills, necessary for personal development
  • To develop desirable social attitudes
  • To develop the child's ability to express their feelings/thoughts in correct speech
  • To build concentration and coordination through enhanced motor skills

The fun side  
of education

When a skeptical child steps into a school for the first time, he/she is unaware that a universe of opportunities lies ahead. To ensure that every child makes the most of these opportunities, caring and experienced teachers impart education through an interesting audio/visual format and 'playway' method.

Emphasis is put on developing good communication skills, at par with global standards, so that children can clearly express themselves and their imaginations, from an early age.

Learning from each other also plays an important role during the pre-school phase of life. It helps children to:


A fertile ground
for young minds
to blossom

When it comes to creating a
perfect learning atmosphere
for young minds to grow optimally,
we do not like to compromise.
Hence, our robust infrastructure includes:

  • Audio-visual aids
  • Kids' Library
  • Kids' Pool

Also, to ensure the best learning experience, we have incorporated:

  • Teaching equipments of global standards
  • An annual Kids' Magazine with contributions made by children
  • Cookery classes called 'Nibble Time', with non-flame cooking
  • Multiple leadership opportunities for all students
  • Sports and outdoor activities
  • Cultural activities
World Card

Exploring a
 new world

We want our children to enhance their cognitive, physical, social, linguistic and emotional skills to the optimum level. This can never be possible while staying confined within the four walls of a room. Field trips and camping expeditions become imperative to encourage learning through exploration, investigation, experimentation and experience. Hence, in the near future, we plan to take our students to places such as Nicco Park, Science City, Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, and various other science parks or play grounds, to break the monotony of everyday school-life and organise an eventful, active day of learning.

A canopy
  of care


Rest assured that your children will be in safe hands when they come to our school, because we have ensured the best of health and security measures for them.

Our health and safety initiatives include:

  • CCTV Cameras to keep a constant eye on a child's whereabouts
  • Doctor on call for emergency care
  • Health Month or an annual general health check-up of all children
  • Parent Counseling Sessions to ensure best parental care at home
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