A Case For STEM Education

STEM, a growing phenomena in early childhood education stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It is an interdisciplinary approach to pedagogy which instils leadership qualities in children, provides opportunities for teamwork, boosts curiosity and prepares students for success.

Behind the Scene Facts about Preschools

Fun-filled activities allow preschoolers to think critically, make decisions and accept failure. These activities are designed to help children explore the world around them and understand their environment. For example - With the help of egg cartons, children can build towers and pyramids. They can grow seeds to know about plant life or learn about mixing colours and sorting objects through ice painting.

By integrating STEM activities in their curriculum, Kolkata’s Little Bright Stars has ensured that children develop an early interest in science and maths. This educational approach helps preschoolers to count, compare, measure and ask questions about how things work. STEM improves children’s learning abilities significantly, helping them become the future thinkers and problem solvers of tomorrow.