A Healthy Habit, A Lifelong Love

As is well known, reading is one of the simplest and the most important activity parents can do with their children to enhance their growth and development. The healthy habit of reading daily is a gift that should be given to toddlers from a young age for it has numerous benefit.

Behind the Scene Facts about Preschools

Reading informs children about their surroundings, accustoms them to new words and builds their empathy which in turn allows them to handle their feelings and express their emotions. It aids language acquisition, communication skills, and listening skills. Not only does it fuel creativity but also ensures a nurturing relationship between parents and children.

Ultimately, reading helps preschoolers engage with the world around them and inculcates in them a lifelong love for books. Regardless of whether the stories are about a very hungry caterpillar or a big brown bear, by starting from a young age and making it a part of their routine, parents can assist children to be mentally sharp and at the same time create a special bond with them.