Art Matters

It is commonly believed that art is important for a child’s development. It is a means of expression, an outlet for their curiosity. Art comes naturally to children and fosters their imagination. Early exposure to it instils in them crucial life skills and thus shapes their future.

Behind the Scene Facts about Preschools

On one hand, grasping paint brushes develops motor skills. On the other hand, learning shapes, sizes and colours provides children with literacy and mathematics skills. It introduces preschoolers to different cultures and ensures that they collaborate with other children. Art can help toddlers relax, be constructive and simultaneously increase their self- esteem by a significant margin.

In conclusion, art plays a vital role in a child’s academic performance. Parents should not view it as a hobby for it comes with a range of benefits. Art is essential for children to develop their skills, build hand-eye coordination and promote self-expression. It gives them an identity, a sense of purpose. In brief, it matters.