How and why children are enjoying classes after the Covid interruption

Children are predominantly very active and outgoing. Seldom they want to stay confined to a certain place. However, the pandemic forced most children to stay indoors for a over a year. Today, the situation is a bit different. We are going back to new normal and the children are coming back to their usual mood of fun and frolic. Here are some reasons why children are enjoying the reopening of schools

children are enjoying classes after the Covid interruption

When a child goes to a playschool and indulges in preschool activities, he/ she gets to interact with teachers and other children. Interacting with the outside world broadens the social circle of the child which earlier comprised of only his parents. Taking part in class activities with other kids helps the child to build a trusting relationship outside his/her family. The communication with the outside world helps in social development of the child.

  • They are getting a chance to interact with their teachers
  • They are getting a chance to meet other children
  • They are enjoying their time with their favourite peers
  • They are able to engage in multiple games and activities
  • They are getting a chance to breathe freely outside the confines of their homes

The new Covid 19 protocols are designed to help children say safe against the virus. Although children do not fall under the high risk zone, it is important to maintain the Covid protocols in schools and educational institutions. As parents and school authorities, it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our children. Let the re-opening of schools mark the beginning of a new chapter in global education.

Some of the ways in which they are enjoying

  • Sports and games
  • Art and crafts
  • Studies
  • Homework