Kindergarten education in 2022 – How can we improve IQ of students

The concept of education has changed significantly over the last few years. Now educationists all over the world are focusing on the enhancement of IQ level at the basic level. Increasing the IQ level of the students is a challenge for the kindergarten ecosystem especially due to the pandemic. The pandemic has put a brake on the mental development of children. However, in 2022, there is a great chance for us to focus on the intellectual development of students.

Some of the ways in which you can increase the IQ level of students

Kindergarten education in 2022 – How can we improve IQ of students

Playing with blocks and puzzles spatial intelligence

There is a faculty of IQ called spatial development. Children need to play with blocks and puzzles to improve this mental faculty. Engagement in block play improves spatial awareness especially when they imagine structures. Spatial intelligence is the ability to perceive pictures and designs. The judgment used by children to place blocks develops spatial intelligence

Math games and problems fluid intelligence

The ability to solve problems, reason, and think abstractly are the attributes of fluid intelligence. Kindergarten children should be encouraged to participate more actively in math games. Math problems would be a bit difficult for kindergarten students to handle.

Group activities

Group activities are essential to develop the intellect of children especially after a long gap from physical schooling. Online classes have reduced interaction among children. Group activities should be the focus of the academic year 2022.

As one of the leading educationists, it is our collective responsibility to ensure that the right teaching methodologies are implemented. We must also focus on helping children shed the pandemic induced lethargy which has been a major obstacle to child psychological development.