Inclusive Pre-schools: Boon or Bane?

An inclusive pre-school is one which meets the needs of all children irrespective of whether they are specially-abled or belong to different backgrounds. Based on the concept of acceptance, it is progressive by nature as it values diversity and seeks to overcome the barriers preventing children from reaching their full potential.

Behind the Scene Facts about Preschools

As the curriculum is flexible and children learn through play, pre-schools become ideal settings for inclusivity. Moreover, it is the first time when children interact with those who are different from them.

Rooted in inclusiveness, South Kolkata’s Little Bright Stars ensures that no child feels isolated or left out and aims at providing accessible learning by rendering students as participants.

But is an inclusive pre-school beneficial for children without disabilities? The answer is a resounding yes. To put it briefly, an inclusive pre-school benefits both children with special needs and their developing peers as such settings allow children to not only learn empathy and compassion but also develop friendships and build self-confidence.