Parental Love: An Indicator of a Child’s Well-Being ?

A new study has found that parental love is a predictor of a child’s future success. The company of caring adults determines a child’s character and personality and helps preschoolers excel in learning and coping with emotional stress.

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Moreover, the relationship a child shares with their parents reflects on their relationship with their peers. If a child has been raised with warmth and care and has a healthy relationship with their parents then they are bound to share a positive relationship with their peers.

In contrast, parental neglect can be damaging to a child’s growth as it can make them aggressive and feel rejected. This could mean being bitter to the child, hitting or mocking them. Children need love and affection and adults incapable of giving them time due to work has a serious negative impact on them.

Therefore, a loving home and adequate family time is imperative to the overall development of a child. It gives them a sense of security and helps them perform better socially and academically. The affection a child receives from their parents through hugs, kisses and appreciations goes a long way to shape their lives.