The Miracles of a Playschool

A child’s emotional, physical, mental and social well being is always of paramount importance to parents and hence they send their children to a playschool. A pre-school plays a vital role in a child’s life as it is the very first place that a child ever goes to outside the comfort of his/her home. Sending a child to a playschool is therefore necessary as it not only shapes his/her cognitive and social behaviour but also prepares him/her adequately for school learning. The following points briefly talks about the positive influence of a playschool on the child.

Miracle of Playschool

Aids Social Development

When a child goes to a playschool and indulges in preschool activities, he/ she gets to interact with teachers and other children. Interacting with the outside world broadens the social circle of the child which earlier comprised of only his parents. Taking part in class activities with other kids helps the child to build a trusting relationship outside his/her family. The communication with the outside world helps in social development of the child.

Ensures Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is about understanding, reasoning and thinking. When a child goes to a pre-school he/she develops a habit of asking questions to the teacher and also tries to grasp what the teacher is saying. Another very important skill that a child learns in playschool is problem-solving. When a kid is taking part in a preschool activity with other kids, the entire process of interacting and working together with others enhances the problem solving capacity of the child. The child also learns to recognize numbers, shapes, colours and alphabets for the first time in his/her life.

Helps in developing Motor Skills

Motor skill development is essential for the overall development of the child as the ability to perform basic tasks without parental assistance boosts the self esteem of the kid. Hence, building the motor skills of the child is one of the major aspects that a pre-school focuses on. Playing, jumping and running with other children in the playschool helps in fine motor skill development of kids.

Make your child school ready

One of the most essential things that the pre-school does is that it makes a child ready for school life. The general development of the kid happens in a very stress free manner at a playschool. At a pre-school, the children learn in a fun and frolic manner and are prepared both mentally and physically for their school life.

Paving the right path to education since the very onset of childhood should be of utmost importance to parents. Hence, when one is selecting a pre-school for the little ones it is necessary to choose wisely. At Little Bright Stars, we believe that the formative years of imparting knowledge to children is very essential as it shapes the child’s ability to grasp the education that will follow. So if your child is of pre-school age already, get him/her admitted to a good playschool without much delay and remember it is important to choose well when it comes to your child.