Creative Ways to Teach Pre-schoolers

Pre-school education is extremely important in the life of a child as it is the first place where a child interacts with the world outside his/her family. Kids learn the essential skills like speaking, reading, writing, counting, etc at a pre-school. It is necessary that these skills are imparted to the pre-schoolers in the right way.

Kids are inborn innovative with vibrant imagination and unique way of self-expression. Children have an inquisitive mind and in the process they constantly question and discover. Pre-school kids are full of ideas and they have the ability to see things in a different perspective. Kids learn faster when they are taught in a creative way. Providing a creative experience to students through colourful materials and unique opportunities help kids retain better. Creative activities for kids are endless. Some of the creative ways that can be adopted by pre-schools to make the learning process more fun for the kids are as follows;

creative teaching

Display letters and words around the classroom

Displaying letters and words in a colourful way encourages kids to learn faster and they realize what they are learning. Labeling objects around the room like doors, windows, chairs etc or putting up words like "yellow", "white" and "orange" on the class boards help children associate with the objects.

Creating Word Families

Teaching students about words helps them see patterns and encourages them to start reading. Once they learn the word "pot", they will able to find similar rhyming words like "cot", "dot" and "hot". In this way the kids will start learning new words every day. Organizing word puzzle activities is a fun way to make kids learn about new words.

Learning Through Art and Craft

Teaching through art and craft enhances the learning process. Teaching to recognize different birds and animals can be done through origami. When children actively take part in the process they learn more effectively. Names of fruits and vegetables can be taught through clay modeling too. Recognizing colours can be taught by conducting colouring book activities.

Teaching Phonics through Reading

Teaching children to read in a fun way is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give them. Learning about the basic of phonics (the idea that letters make certain sounds) prepares the kids for reading readiness and spellings. Activities that make learning phonics interesting like making alphabet books or hunting for letters should be organized frequently.

Imparting knowledge to kids in an adventurous and interesting way will actually help them learn quickly and correctly. We, at LBS plan various art and craft and fun educational activities from time to time to help our students learn more effectively.