Toddler Development in Preschool

Preschools have a life-changing influence on kids. It is the place where a child interacts with a world outside his/her family, for the first time. Preschool is about gaining new life skills and learning new things in life like holding a pencil, cutting with scissors, sharing, problem-solving and much more.

The initial years are the time to build a strong foundation in all developmental areas. The training and education imparted to children in preschool establishes certain behaviors and skills in them that will make them successful in the future.

Toddler Development in Preschool

There are four domains of early development that are required for children to grow into healthy and strong adults. Those domains are mentioned below;

Cognitive Development

The importance of kindergartens lies in the fact that they teach kids in creative ways. Children start learning some basic academic concepts and recognizing shapes and colours during their pre-school days. Kids learn recognizing alphabets, reciting their names, addresses and phone numbers, visual discrimation like matching, comparing and sorting objects, asking questions and making plans about what to play or draw, at preschools. The cognitive development occurring at kindergartens make the kids ready for school education.

Social and Emotional Development

Children are naturally social and they are always full of various kinds of emotions. They need help expressing their feelings and learning how to react and respond in different social situations. In pre-school, kids don't just make friends but they start understanding what is right and wrong also. Seeking approval of their friends and getting jealous if their friends spend time with others are some common emotional traits seen in preschool kids. They start following rules and criticize kids who don't follow the rules. In preschool, kids also start understanding the concept of sharing with others and the importance of getting along with other kids.

Physical Development

Physical development skills are an essential part of preschool. They include muscle control, balance and coordination, body awareness and self help skills such as brushing teeth, washing hands and dressing. Day to day physical activities like jumping, climbing, catching a ball, opening a door, swimming, dancing, etc, are learnt by preschoolers at kindergartens. Kids are pretty active during their preschool days and by the end of it they learn most of the necessary skills (i.e. cutting with scissors, holding a pencil, eating with a spoon or fork) that help in their overall motor development.

Language Development

As children are naturally social, they need the necessary skills to be able to communicate their feelings and ideas to others. Kids learn many new words in pre-school and their vocabulary increases during that time. Preschoolers learn to reason out, they learn stories, riddles and poems, they also learn to use opposite words, pronouns, singulars and plurals during their preschool days. Songs, rhyming books, and sound-words are often used at kindergartens to develop the language skills of kids.

A pre-school is a place where a child goes through the above mentioned developments that prepares him/her for school. Hence, it is very important for parents to choose the right preschool for their children. There are many good preschools in Kolkata and Little Bright Stars is one of them. Little Bright Stars have the requisite infrastructure and teachers to cater to the developmental needs of every child.