Why Nurturing a Child’s Self-Esteem Matters

It goes without saying that parents can help build and nurture their child’s self-esteem. They can do so by paying attention to them, by spending time doing activities which appeal to children and by emphasising that participation is more important than winning.

Behind the Scene Facts about Preschools

If children are not supported or showered with unconditional love, if their efforts are not recognised then they may develop low self-esteem and begin to doubt themselves. In such a scenario, children give up easily, do not stand up for themselves and struggle to perform well academically.

Little Bright Stars, a pre-school in Kolkata believes in creating an atmosphere where children not only learn skills and practise their favourite activities but also make friends and feel liked and accepted. It allows children to make mistakes while resisting competition at all costs. This, in turn, gives the children a sense of security and belonging.

In a nutshell, both parents and preschools play an important role in developing a child’s self- confidence. To ensure kids value themselves, they should be loved and their efforts should be acknowledged when they try something new, irrespective of whether they win or lose.